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Property Taxes / Affordability

Chris is a working-class guy.

He knows what it's like to struggle to make ends meet. That is why his primary goal in this campaign is to make Franklin Township more affordable. Thanks to failed policies from Trenton, and the incompetence of local officials like Jake Bruno, our property taxes have gone up year after year. This is ridiculous, especially in a Republican controlled town! The fight of those struggling under the weight of higher property taxes is Chris' fight. He will work to ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money. 

Chris' plan to lower your property taxes.

Keep Franklin rural-The most important thing we can do to make Franklin Township more affordable is keeping it rural. Overdevelopment will only lead to the need for expanded services, costly new infrastructure, and larger schools. Yes, new tax “ratables” bring in added revenue, but history shows it is never enough to cover the added expenses they create.

Stop gambling with the resident’s tax dollars-For too long, the Township Committee has played fast and loose with our money. They have sunken MILLIONS of tax dollars into “Redevelopment Zones" that have never raised a penny of new property tax revenue. This wasteful spending must end! Chris will be a good steward of the people's money. 

Pooling services-Across the state, municipalities are finding real tax savings in sharing services. The “go it alone” approach is expensive and wasteful. We must form new partnerships with the county and neighboring communities so we can provide quality services at a reduced cost.

Encourage new business development that strengthens our economy-To raise revenue, and provide property tax relief to the residents, we must have a healthy business climate. To achieve this, Chris will work to bolster our existing "business districts" by encouraging new commercial development there. These hubs of industry, trade and retail will attract a diverse mix of businesses that will serve the resident's needs. Their success will foster economic growth that the whole township will benefit from. 

Grants-There are hundreds (if not thousands) of State and Federal grant programs that will pay for the infrastructure upgrades and community services we so desperately need. The only thing our township has to do is apply for them. Chris knows the grant process and he will expand efforts to see that Franklin Township applies for and receives whatever grants we are entitled too. 

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