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Affordable Housing

In 2023, Franklin Township struck a deal with the radical far-left Fair Share Housing Center and agreed to allow the construction of over 650 new high-density affordable housing units. Instead of fighting to keep our town rural, Mayor Jake Bruno voted for that deal.  

We need a Republican who will fight for our right to remain rural. Chris will be just that.

When elected, Chris will advocate for a constitutional amendment to the New Jersey State Constitution that will end state mandated affordable housing.

In the meantime, He will seek to get Franklin township to join other municipalities who are suing Gov. Murphy to get the issue of affordable housing out of the hands of the radical court system.

Unlike the half-hearted attempts by our current elected officials, Chris will actually seek to get credit for the affordable housing stock we currently have in Franklin Township-reducing the number of new affordable housing units that need to built.

He will advocate for the re-issuance of regional fair share credits, keeping development in those areas of our state where it makes the most sense.

Chris will stand against costly new infrastructure, like public water and sewer, there-by preventing high-density construction projects.

Why Chris is against State Mandated Affordable Housing: an in-depth view.

State mandated affordable housing has been a divisive issue ever since it was enacted in the 1970’s. In the past, many municipalities did practice exclusionary zoning that sought to keep out low-income families. This was wrong. However, the solution to remedy this problem-state mandated affordable housing-has proven to be unworkable. 

Its undemocratic-All zoning for affordable housing is adjudicated by the courts. The people, if not represented by strong leadership willing to take up the fight, have very little say in the matter.

Its anti-conservation-Every town is required to have a “share” of affordable housing-even rural communities like Franklin. Every day, forests and farms are being paved over and turned into town homes and apartment complexes to meet the demands of extremist judges and bureaucrats in Trenton. We are quickly losing the Garden State.

Its crony-capitalism-Our government works hand in glove with private developers. For every 1 affordable housing unit constructed, our town allows a developer to build 3 additional market rate units. In this rigged system, the state wins because it gets affordable housing, the developer wins because they make a sizable profit, and the residents lose because they are left to bear the burden of overdevelopment.

Ironically, its unaffordable-The fight against state mandated affordable housing in Franklin is not a fight against the poor and working class. In truth, it is a fight for the working-class families that already live here. Franklin is affordable because it is rural. If the state allows developers to build hundreds of new homes, we will have thousands of new residents who will require millions of dollars in expanded government services. Property taxes will go up, and this will hurt the working class, elderly and poor the most.

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