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Farmland and Open-Space Preservation

Chris will work to preserve our rural way of life.

The people of Franklin Township love living in a rural community.  It is our identity, and a key reason why people chose to live here. 

At one time, our elected officials cared about keeping Franklin Township rural and actually enacted measures that sought to keep us that way, but that is no more. Now, township owned land is routinely auctioned off to developers, pristine forests are called "areas in need of redevelopment" and our farms are turned into solar fields. 

Chris believes this must stop. 

Chris does not want Franklin to become another Deptford or Washington Township. He believes that being rural is an asset. It makes our community more affordable and improves everyone's quality of life. 

Chris will take concrete steps to ensure Franklin Township remains rural.

Support our Farmers-Farmers are the backbone of our economy, and the reason Franklin township is rural. Chris knows that if we want to preserve our rural way of life, we must support our farmers and make it easier for them to do their jobs. He will stand against development that threatens to pollute farmland and degrade water quality. He will also work to attract new farm related businesses and industries, so that farmers have all the tools they need to be successful. 

Farmland Preservation-Chris is an advocate for the Farmland Preservation Program. He knows that farms have a positive impact on our community and are worth the cost to preserve. He will work with state and county programs to ensure that even more farms are preserved for future generations.

Conservation Design-Franklin Township is a great place to live, and this fact will naturally attract new residents. As such, growth is inevitable, but this does not mean we must sacrifice our rural way of life. If planned properly, we can have growth and maintain the Franklin Township we all know and love. Chris is a proponent of Conservation Design principles that will allow for modest growth while preserving more farmland and open space.

Open Space Preservation-Open space is a valuable asset. Our forests, fields and streams provide recreational opportunities, and protect our water quality. It is also cheaper to administer than developed land. For these reasons, Chris will stand against needless land sales of environmentally sensitive land that is owned by the township. He will also work to increase funding for open space preservation. 

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