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Economic Policy

Chris is a champion of local business in Franklin Township.

As a small business owner himself, he knows that running a company is hard enough without the added burden of bad government policies, regulation and excessive taxation. He believes that the Township Committee should play an active role so that local businesses succeed. He knows that when businesses thrive the whole community benefits.

Under the guise of being "pro-business", Mayor Jake Bruno has neglected his responsibility to defend the residents and local businesses from nuisance development like: Warehousing, Dollar Stores and Cannabis. He has repeatedly ignored the pleas of the public and the pre-existing business community asking him to stop it. His reckless indifference risks doing great damage to our local economy.

Is this really “pro-business”?

Does pro-business mean we welcome any and all businesses even if it destroys our existing local economy? Does it mean we are Pro-Warehouse, Pro-Dollar Store and Pro-Cannabis? Is it "pro-business" to elevate the rights of, and give special breaks to, corporations at the expense of local store owners and the residents? Is it "pro-business" to favor new business over the old, or quantity over quality? 

Chris thinks the answer is NO!

Chris is the real pro-business candidate-He will enact policies that will increase business activity, not just tax revenue.

Chris will work to ensure that we have a healthy business environment- He will seek to get zoning regulations amended so that our existing business districts will continue to be the heart of our local economy. 

He will not play fast and loose with your tax dollars-Chris will not give needless tax breaks to favored companies.

While programs like Tax Abatements and Redevelopment Zones have their place in encouraging economic development, Chris believes that their over-utilization has proven far too expensive and ineffective. He believes that these tools can be used, but they must be exercised more strategically than they have in the past. He will use them only to attract those businesses that will enhance our local economy and benefit the residents.

Chris agrees with the residents-Like you, he wants fewer Dollar Stores, Warehouses and Cannabis Facilities and more Farms, Fruit Stands and Grocery Stores!

Chris knows that it is important to have a diverse economic mix in town. One dollar store here, or one warehouse there, is not going to destroy the economic underpinnings of the whole community. The question is really one of size and quantity. One dollar store? Fine. Eight dollar stores in a Three-mile radius? Ridiculous and a monopolistic threat to our local economy. This is common sense. The residents want and deserve a varied mix when it comes to shopping and retail options. Chris will fight for greater businesses diversity and encourage business development that adds to the resident's quality of life.

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