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Our seniors deserve to live in a community that supports them. 

The Franklin Township Senior Citizens committee has done much, with their limited budget, to facilitate that goal. But as with so many things, more needs to be done! 

Chris will be an advocate for our seniors. 

He we keep Franklin Township more affordable-Many of our seniors have lived their whole lives in Franklin Township. Everything and everyone they know is here, and for many the last thing they would ever want to do is move. But many are forced to leave because property taxes are unaffordable. Chris' number one goal is to make Franklin Township more affordable for all residents. He will work to lower property taxes so that seniors, even seniors on a fixed income, can still afford to live here.

He will expand the Senior Lunch Program-Often, the daily lunch served at the community center is the best (or even only) meal our seniors get. The staff and volunteers there do a fantastic job cooking and serving the food and our senior citizens seem quite pleased with the program. Because of this success, Chris believes we should expand it. Working in coordination with the county, he will work to expand the lunch service so that it can have even greater food variety and quality. Keeping our seniors happy and healthy.

He will advocate for more senior transportation-Many of our seniors rely on our senior bus program for transportation. It is a vital lifeline to the outside world. Too often, that service is unavailable due to staffing shortages and vehicle maintenance. Chris will work to ensure that bus schedules are kept, and alternatives are available if regularly scheduled services are out of commission. 

He will make our community parks and facilities more handicapped accessible-Our parks and community facilities should be open for everyone to enjoy. All too often those who are handicapped are denied the use of these places because doors are not automatic, or paths are not wide enough or paved. Chris believes this must change. He will seek to have every public space handicap accessible. This means all doors to public meeting rooms (Like the Community Center, Library and Municipal Building) must have a push button automatic function. He will also work to make our parks wheelchair accessible. This means wider and more compact paths through our parks, nature trails and around our lakes. 

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