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Our Local Republican Party

Chris is a lifelong Republican. 

Chris is a proud conservative Republican. He believes in a strong Republican party that not only wins elections but actually enacts conservative polices into law.

The Franklin Township G.O.P is made up of dedicated, patriotic men and women who serve our community selflessly and with distinction. Recently, a few voices in our party have begun to sow division. People have been forced to take sides. loyalties have been questioned. And many Republicans have become disaffected.

Chris believes in unity. 

Chris is running because he wants to unite the party and stop this needless division. He will fight to ensure all Republicans are welcome in the local G.O.P. He will seek to unite our members, not around his candidacy or the candidacy of others, but around our shared conservative values.

The Republican party as a force for good.

Chris views the Republican party as a force for good-a vehicle to get the changes we need in our community. He knows that to get these changes, we must stop wasting our energy fighting each other. Working together, we can become a party that wins elections and gets stuff done!

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