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Honesty and Transparency

Chris is a small government conservative.

In order to keep government small, Chris knows that it must be accountable to the people. He believes the community plays a vital role in keeping our elected officials in check. As Ronald Regan once said, "either you will control your government, or your government will control you."

Chris will be an advocate for transparency and keep the residents informed. 

Mayor Jake Bruno is not fighting for the residents but against them. He has lied to them, threatened them and made it harder for them to get the answers they are entitled to. Agendas are routinely late, public comment portions have been curtailed or eliminated altogether, and government documents, which had been published online, are now only available through a time-consuming open records request.

As Republicans, do we put our blind faith in government?  Should we ignore it when our elected officials routinely seek to hide the truth from the public? Of course not! Our elected officials work for us. Since we are their boss, they must keep us informed. 

Chris will make sure he, and other elected and appointed officials, are held accountable.

The residents have a right to know what their government is doing in their name and with their tax dollars. Chris will make sure agendas and other public documents are easily accessible to the residents and provided in a timely manner. He will also insist on video recording, and online publication, of ALL public meetings.

Chris believes the public also has a right to share their opinion and provide feedback at public meetings-even if this makes officials feel uncomfortable. If they can't take the heat, they should've stayed out of the kitchen. Chris encourages greater public participation and welcomes resident input. 

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